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Bob Greeves

Senior Policy Advisor

Bob Greeves joined the NCJA in 2014 following his retirement from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), where he served as a policy advisor on matters concerning the integration of local, state, tribal, federal and national justice information systems and networks, as well as the sharing of information among those domains. He was responsible for advising BJA leadership concerning strategic concepts associated with the Justice Information Sharing Initiative and the Attorney General’s Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative. In addition, he advised program officials concerning strategies for discretionary grant making that leverages information technology in the pursuit of law enforcement, justice, public safety and homeland security objectives and outcomes.

Bob was also the architect for creation of the Global Justice XML Data Model that became the premier standard for sharing government information and was adopted by over 200 organizations in the law enforcement, justice, public safety, homeland security and intelligence communities and became the baseline for the National Information Exchange Model. He spearheaded efforts to develop privacy policy guidelines for state and local criminal justice organizations as well as to identify technology solutions for aiding the implementation of privacy policies. He also participated in the development of the National Sex Offender Public Registry.

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