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Amir Chapel

Program Manager

As part of the state administering agency (SAA) training and technical assistance (TTA) team for Byrne JAG, Program Manager Amir Chapel works with SAAs and criminal justice coordinating councils (CJCCs) to develop comprehensive strategic plans and implement evidence-based programs and practices across nine different JAG purpose areas. Additionally, through his lived experience as a justice-impacted individual, he brings a unique perspective to this work.

Prior to joining NCJA, Amir worked as a policy analyst for the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (NICJR), a national non-profit organization that provides technical assistance, consulting, research, organizational development, and advocacy in the fields of juvenile and adult criminal justice, youth development, and violence prevention and intervention.

Amir has over 12 years of experience conducting evaluation research and policy analysis and has worked with law enforcement, corrections, courts, district attorneys’ and public defenders’ offices, and local, state, and federal administrators and legislative bodies. Amir is rooted in social justice practices and values working with system partners, community-based organizations, advocates, and coalitions that work to reduce harm and improve outcomes for system impacted individuals. These guiding principles allow Amir to engage all stakeholders with an informed and balanced approach.

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