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Advisory Council

The NCJA Advisory Council helps the Board of Directors formulate and guide the policy and direction of the association. The Advisory Council is composed of the SAA from each member state and 12 elected Regional Representatives. Council members select the Board of Directors and NCJA Officers.

Midwest Region

Illinois: Delrice AdamsExecutive Director, IL Criminal Justice Information Authority
Indiana: Devon McDonald, Executive Director, IN Criminal Justice Institute

Kansas: Juliene Maska, Administrator, KS Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Michigan: Nancy Becker Bennett, Director, Grants and Community Services Division, MI Department of State Police
Minnesota: Kate Weeks, Executive Director, MN Department of Public Safety, Office of Justice Programs
Missouri: Sandy Karsten, Director, MO Department of Public Safety
Nebraska: Bryan Tuma, Executive Director, NE Crime Commission
North Dakota: Becky Keller,  Director, ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation
Ohio: Nicole Dehner, Executive Director, OH Office of Criminal Justice Services

South Dakota:  Robert Perry, Secretary, SD Department of Public Safety
Wisconsin: Lara Kenny, Director, WI Department of Justice

Northeast Region

Connecticut: Marc Pelka, Undersecretary, CT Office of Policy & Management
Delaware: Christian Kervick, Executive Director, DE Criminal Justice Council
District of Columbia: Jennifer Porter, Director, DC Office of Victim Services
Maine: Michael Sauschuck, Commissioner, ME Department of Public Safety
Maryland: Dorothy Lennig, Executive Director, MD Governors Office of  Crime Prevention, Youth and Victim Services
Massachusetts: Terrence Reidy, Secretary, MA Executive Office of Public Safety
New Hampshire:
 Lisa Lamphere, Administrator, Grants Management Unit
New Jersey: Vacant
New York: Joe Popcun, Executive Deputy Commissioner, NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services

Pennsylvania: Michael Pennington, Executive Director, PA Commission on Crime & Delinquency

Rhode Island: Michael Hogan, Administrative Manager, RI Public Safety Grant Administration Office
Vermont: Jennifer Morrison, Commissioner, VT Department of Public Safety

Southern Region

Alabama: Kenneth Boswell, Director, AL Department of Economic & Community Affairs
Arkansas: Doris R. Smith, Administrator DFA IGS/State Technology, Office of Intergovernmental Services
Georgia: James Neal, Executive Director, GA Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Kentucky: Kerry Harvey, Cabinet Secretary, KY Justice & Public Safety Cabinet
Louisiana: Jim Craft, Executive Director, LA Commission on Law Enforcement
Mississippi: Ray Sims, Executive Director, MS Department of Public Safety
North Carolina: Caroline Farmer, Executive Director, NC Governor's Crime Commission
Oklahoma: Kathryn Brewer, Executive Coordinator, OK District Attorneys Council
South Carolina: Phil Riley, Director, SC Department of Public Safety, Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs
Tennessee: Jennifer Brinkman, Director, TN Office of Criminal Justice Programs
 Jackson Miller, Director, VA Department of Criminal Justice Services

Virgin Islands: Angela Lloyd Campbell, Administrator, VI Law Enforcement Planning Commission
West Virginia: Marty Hatfield, Assistant Director, WV Division of Justice & Community Services

Western Region

Alaska: Pam Halloran, Director of Administrative Services, AK Department of Public Safety

American Samoa: Mariana Timu-Faiai, Director, AS Criminal Justice Planning Agency.

Arizona: Andrew LeFevre, Executive Director, AZ Criminal Justice Commission
California: Kathleen Howard, Executive Director, CA Board of State & Community Corrections
Colorado: Matthew M. Lunn, PhD, Director, Colorado Division of Criminal Justice
Guam: Lola Leon Guerrero, Planner, GU Bureau of Statistics & Plans
Hawaii: Anne Lopez, Attorney General, HI Department of the Attorney General
Montana: Natalia Bowser, Executive Director, MT Board of Crime Control

Nevada: George Togliatti, Director, NV Department of Public Safety
New Mexico, Jason Bowie, Secretary, NM Department of Public Safety

Oregon: Ken Sanchagrin, Executive Director, Oregon Criminal Justice Commission
Texas: Aimee Snoddy,  Executive Director, TX Office of the Governor

Utah: Tom Ross, Executive Director, UT Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice
Washington: Kate Kelly, Executive Director, Office of Firearm Safety & Violence Prevention / Public Safety Unit , WA Department of Commerce

Wyoming: Ronnie Jones, Director, Wyoming Division Criminal Investigation

Advisory Council (Regional Reps)

The NCJA Advisory Council helps the Board of Directors formulate and guide the policy and direction of the association. The Advisory Council is composed of the SAA from each member state and 12 elected Regional Representatives. Council members select the Board of Directors and NCJA Officers.

Midwest Region

Lori Pesci, Deputy Director, Summit (OH) County Division of Public Safety
Melissa Pierson, Deputy Director of Justice Services, Franklin County Office of Homeland Security & Justice Programs

Connie Kostelac, Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin
[Alternate] Larry E. Sachs, Greater Chicago Reentry Coalition

Northeast Region

Christine Cole, Public Safety Consultant

Anne Jordan, Retired, Manager of Criminal Process and Specialty Dockets for the State of Maine Courts

Scott McLaren, Deputy Director, DE Criminal Justice Council

[Alternate] Ganesha Martin, Vice President of Public Policy and Community Affairs, Mark 43


Southern Region

Kay Chopard Cohen, President, Chopard Consulting Inc.

Petrina Herring, Grants Consultant, FL Sheriffs Risk Management Fund

Navin Puri, Senior Criminal Justice Planner, NC Governors Crime Commission

Western Region

David Mauroff, CEO, San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project

Dan Spencer, Retired former Director of Administrative Services for Alaska departments of Public Safety (Alaska SAA) and Law

Anthony Vidale, Deputy Director and Program Manager, AZ Criminal Justice Commission

[Alternate] Scott Donaldson, Director/Chief Administrator, Collin College Law Enforcement Academy

Tribal Member


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