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Arkansas Multi-jurisdictional Drug Task Forces 

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Program Description

Byrne JAG funds in Arkansas support a statewide network of 19 multi-jurisdictional drug task forces. Byrne JAG funds are combined with dedicated state funding (40 percent Byrne JAG/ 60 percent state funds) to support task force operations in 67 of the 75 Arkansas counties.  Drug enforcement efforts in Arkansas are focused primarily on methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription/opioid drugs and heroin interdictions and eradications. Each of the 19 Task forces are required to have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and a governing board that helps direct the work of each Task force and provides investigative oversight when appropriate. 

Agency Information

State Agency Administrator: Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration 


 Drugs; Law Enforcement; Meth; MJTF; Narcotics; Opioids; Police; Policing; Task force