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Alaska Multi-jurisdictional Task Force and Prosecution Program 

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Program Description

Byrne JAG funds support Alaska's Statewide Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force and Prosecution program, which is a cooperative law enforcement and prosecution effort involving several criminal justice agencies with jurisdiction over different areas of the state, sharing the common goal of addressing illegal drugs and alcohol and violent crime problems in the state. The program enables law enforcement and prosecution agencies in different jurisdictions to work together as a single entity with the ability to improve communication, share intelligence, and coordinate activities. This allows for more efficient use of resources and targeting of offenders whose activities cross jurisdictional boundaries. Alaska also provides a large state share of funding to support this program effort. 

Agency Information

State Administering Agency: Alaska Department of Public Safety

Additional Resource(s)

(Program Narrative)Alaska MJTF and Prosecution Program (2014) 


Information Sharing; MJTF; Multi-jurisdiction; Narcotics; Police; Policing; Prosecutor; Task Forces