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Delaware Implicit Bias Training

Program Description Byrne JAG funds support a one day implicit bias training featuring Dr. Bryant Marks, a leading expert on implicit bias who has given lectures on the topic across the country, including at the White House. The training was delivered to 100 people, with representation from...

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Pennsylvania Public Defender Training

Program Description The Public Defenders Association of Pennsylvania uses Byrne JAG funds to enhance defense capabilities by hosting large training programs that provide intensive training on Trial Advocacy Skills; Litigation Skills for New Public Defenders and a Capital Case Program and are...

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Pennsylvania District Attorney's Prosecutor Training

Program Description The Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Institute is using Byrne JAG funds to develop and offer educational materials and resources to prosecutors statewide. The trainings focus on criminal law practice, procedure, and investigation. This project also provides technical...

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Ohio Community Corrections Training Initiative

Program Description Byrne JAG funds support training for community corrections staff agencies through the Ohio Community Corrections Association and the Ohio Justice Alliance for Community Corrections . Funding supports outreach, scholarships and training for state and local community...

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North Dakota Forensic Examination

Program Description Byrne JAG funding supports forensic interviewing and examination services through the Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC). Funds support culturally competent and age appropriate forensic interviewing, examination and intervention services to children who are victims of...

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Hawaii Court Personnel Training Program

Program Description Byrne JAG fund support a project to improve language access in the courts through the translation of key court documents into 14 different languages. The effort also helps to screen and test translators for proficiency and provides them with practice tools for improvement. ...

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Connecticut Department of Corrections Women's Supervision and Treatment Model Upgrade

Program Description Byrne JAG funds initially supported the Connecticut Department of Corrections in the development of a new supervision model for the state women’s prison, York Corrections Institution. Byrne JAG funding was used to develop training curricula, along with services to support a...