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Salt Lake County Expungement Project

Program Description In Utah, Byrne JAG funds support Salt Lake County's effort to make the expungement process more affordable and accessible to residents across the state. Byrne JAG funding will be used for three primary purposes; (1) to develop an online portal that will allow individuals to...

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Michigan Technology Enhancement Projects

Program Description Byrne JAG supports technology enhancement project by providing funding to 16 local agencies throughout the state. The intent of this program area is to assist local communities in improving or maintaining local criminal justice efforts to effectively address crime. These...

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Michigan's Statewide Prosecutorial Technology Improvement

Program Description Byrne JAG funds support the Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council by funding a portion of the NextGen Case Management System. This system will provide Michigan's prosecutors and other criminal justice stakeholders with a secure, efficient and technologically modern case...

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Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center

Program Description Byrne JAG funds support the Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center (GISAC), one of 77 U.S. Department of Homeland Security-recognized fusion centers. The fusion center is the primary repository for criminal intelligence information, and staff is responsible for...

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Utah Department of Public Safety Concealed Firearms Permit Improvement

Program Description Byrne JAG funds were used to support the Utah Department of Public Safety’s efforts to improve the Concealed Firearms Permit (CFP) screening process. Developers have written software capable of running nightly checks on CFP holders against the FBI’s NICS query. This National...

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Montana National Incident-Based Reporting Initiative

Program Description Montana’s Board of Crime Control formerly used Byrne JAG funds to revamp its National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) repository. Operation of the Montana Incident-Based Reporting System (MTIBRS) is now supported using state general funding. MTIBRS is used by 99...

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New Jersey Criminal Justice Information System Improvement Project

Program Description Byrne JAG funds support Criminal Justice Information System improvement projects including New Jersey’s Computerized Criminal History expunged record access and information upgrade. In New Jersey, new legislative mandates led to an increase in the number of Expunged Final...

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Arizona Criminal Justice Records Improvement Projects

Program Description The Arizona Criminal Justice Commission set aside five percent of its Byrne JAG funding for criminal justice records improvement projects. These projects support criminal history records improvement and information sharing under an approved strategic plan. In FY 2016,...