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North Dakota Forensic Examination

Program Description Byrne JAG funding supports forensic interviewing and examination services through the Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC). Funds support culturally competent and age appropriate forensic interviewing, examination and intervention services to children who are victims of...

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North Dakota Multi-jurisdictional Drug Task Forces

Program Description Byrne JAG funds are used to support the North Dakota Attorney General's, Bureau of Criminal Investigation in providing oversight and personnel to 3 task forces within the state. As a part of the state’s response to its oil boom, the Task forces have expanded the types of...

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North Dakota’s Domestic Violence Programs

Program Description Byrne JAG supports a network of domestic violence programs in 16 jurisdictions across the state. Run by local non-profits, these 22 service providers assist the victims of domestic violence with shelter support, counseling, education, accompaniment, and advocacy services and...