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Kansas Child Advocacy Center Program Support

Program Description Byrne JAG funds are used to support a Child Advocacy Center Program Director who directs services and conducts forensic interviews with victims of child abuse. This position is vital to the success of the sub-grantee as it bridges the complex path of engaging the community...

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Kansas Department of Corrections Victims Services

Program Description Byrne JAG funds support staff for the Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) Office of Victim Services, which provides confidential support and information to victims, survivors, and witnesses to crimes in which the offender was sentenced to the KDOC. Agency and Program...

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Surveillance Officer Support for Northwest Kansas Community Corrections Substance Abuse Treatment

Program Description Kansas used Byrne JAG to one surveillance officer and contracting support for substance abuse treatment facilitators, probationers and parolees through the Northwest Kansas Community Corrections, which covers three judicial jurisdictions. A proven track record of low...

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Kansas NG911 Compliance Initiative

Program Description Harper County 911 utilized Byrne JAG funds to update communication systems in accordance with state mandated NG911 initiative. Additionally, these upgrades position Harper County for future upgrades as the State of Kansas continues to mandate departments keep pace with...

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Kansas One Heart Project

Program Description Byrne JAG funds support One Heart, an organization that works with youth inside correctional facilities and provides them with the tools, skills, and relationships necessary to ensure they receive a true second chance. Agency and Program Information State Agency...

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Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center

Program Description Byrne JAG funds support the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center (WKCAC). Through three standalone centers and three RV units, the center covers over 30 sparsely populated counties to ensure that every child and adult has the ability to access trauma focused services in...

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Four County Mental Health, Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Program Description Four County Mental Health (FCMHC) uses Byrne JAG funds to provide comprehensive mental health services to the citizens of Chautauqua, Cowley, Elk, Montgomery, and Wilson counties. The program targets approximately 200 members of the correctional population or at-risk...