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Florida Department of Corrections Residential Substance Abuse Recovery Program

Program Description Byrne JAG funds support the implementation of a statewide substance abuse screening program run by the Department of Corrections that prioritizes inmates on a statewide list for substance abuse programs. The agency uses Byrne JAG funds, in conjunction with the state’s...

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Broward County Juveniles Diversionary Services

Program Description In Broward County, Byrne JAG funds are being used to support comprehensive diversionary program services targeted toward juvenile offenders or young people who are at-risk of entering the criminal justice system. These services include counseling, supportive intervention and...

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Pinellas County Support Program

Program Description Byrne JAG funds in Pinellas County are used to support programs which provide assessment, evaluation, treatment and cases management services for offenders and ex-offenders, particularly those with mental health and/or co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders....