Statewide Strategic Planning TTA

Training and Technical Assistance for Statewide Planning

The Justice for All Reauthorization Act, passed in December 2016, requires all applicants for FY2019 Byrne JAG state formula grant awards to include a statewide strategic plan that addresses resource allocation, use of data and implementation of evidence based practices. This comprehensive plan must be developed in consultation with a diverse group of stakeholders; defined in the Act. The plan must describe the evidence-based approaches to be used and illustrate how funding will be allocated. States will be required to update their strategic plans every five years.

Current planning efforts vary immensely among state administering agencies, due to capacity within the state agencies, lack of targeted training and technical assistance (TTA), and an inability to access and analyze the data necessary to plan for and measure program effectiveness. But, we can help.

The National Criminal Justice Association, with funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, offers training and technical assistance to SAAs to support your strategic planning efforts and the implementation of evidence-based policies and practices. This TTA is designed to help states meet the 2019 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant requirement of a comprehensive statewide strategic plan. TTA will be delivered in a variety of ways to best meet your needs; including onsite facilitation, phone/email contact, web based learning, regional trainings, and personalized support. In addition, NCJA will be providing grants management training, mentoring and leadership development to our SAA partners.

Request Training and Technical Assistance

Request strategic planning TTA

We offer three levels of training and technical assistance:

  • Tier 1 TTA includes a less intensive problem-solving response. Information may be delivered be email or phone and include the dissemination of publications and data and referrals to online resources. 
  • Tier 2 TTA involves direct staff support and may include the customization of documents, training materials and publications, as well as facilitating connections through our SAAs peer-to-peer mentor network or the network of Governor’s Criminal Justice Policy Advisors.
  • Tier 3 TTA involves the development of customized products or services to meet a state’s unique TA needs. In some cases, this will involve on-site delivery of TTA services. 

Click the button below to complete the request form for statewide strategic planning training and technical assistance (TTA). You will be asked to:

  • Describe the needs, problems or challenges your agency is seeking to address;
  • Upload your agency's most recent strategic plan (if any);
  • Identify areas of strategic planning that your agency wishes to focus on;
  • Select a preferred method of TTA delivery; and
  • Outline your timeframe for the strategic planning process.

Once you have submitted the TTA request form, NCJA staff will review the form and follow up with the individual listed in the form as the primary contact to determine next steps. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Deb Matteucci, Strategic Planning TTA Program Manager, at or (202) 424-0834.

Regional Strategic Planning Training Sessions

The NCJA, in partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, will host a series of regional training sessions to help SAAs meet the new strategic planning requirements that will be part of the FY19 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant applications. This training will focus on the elements of successful strategic planning, evidence-based practice, data and analysis for policy and program evaluation, and coordination with other components of the juvenile and criminal justice system.

Upcoming Training Sessions

June 26-27, 2019 @ the Homewood Suites Downtown in Richmond, VA

This session will be held In Richmond, VA at the Homewood Suites, Downtown on June 26 (8:30 – 4:30) & June 27 (8:00-12:00). Attendees should bring their submitted 2019 Byrne JAG plan for review. We will walk through the solicitation requirements, talk about new reporting and begin planning for the required annual review and update process. If you were unable to submit a strategic plan with your Byrne JAG application, this training will help you to understand the requirement.

You may call the hotel directly at 1-804-643-2900 or book online here NCJA Regional Training. Please reference the NCJA Regional Strategic Planning event to reserve your room. 

Limited travel scholarships are available for those SAAs who would be unable to attend without financial assistance. If you need scholarship assistance, expenses will be paid by you/your agency and reimbursed by NCJA following your completion of the training. Scholarships are limited to the following:

  • Airfare up to $600
  • Hotel - 2 nights at federal per diem ($147) + tax
  • Meals and incidentals -  one full day ($66) + 2 travel ($49.50) max $165
  • Ground transportation/baggage up to $100

Contact Us

Please contact Deb Matteucci, Strategic Planning TTA Program Manager at or (202) 424-0834.