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Michael Fargen

Data Center Manager

Mike Fargen is a Data Analyst at the OVC VOCA Center. Mike gathers data and promotes data-driven and evidence-based policies and practices for inclusion in outreach and training. Mike analyzes, catalogues, summarizes data and creates visualizations of interrelated data sets to communicate findings in a clear and effective manner. In addition, Mike compiles secondary research findings on trends, performance report metrics, evidence-based practices, policies and state victim assistance and victim compensation programs to inform project work for the OVC VOCA Center. This work involves assisting in planning, developing, and assessing victim service initiatives, crime victim compensation initiatives and conducting analyses for the SAAs and other governmental entities.

Prior to joining NCJA, Mike was the Statistical Analysis Center Director, and Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Project Manager at the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice where he oversaw both transactional data and applied data integration projects, along with the Uniform Crime Reporting program. Mike chaired the CJIS Advisory Committee and managed the creation of the Nebraska victim case management system for VOCA subgrantees, and the Nebraska Victims of Crime Alert Portal used for victim notification.

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