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Gillian Caplan

Program Manager

Gillian Caplan works as a Program Manager, with a specific focus and expertise in Public Safety. In her role at the NCJA, Gillian assists state administering agencies, local criminal justice advisory boards and councils in the development of comprehensive strategic plans and the implementation of evidence-based programs and practices.

Prior to joining the NCJA, Gillian was a Project Manager at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), where she worked with law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve to develop innovative strategies for healing in the wake of high-profile incidents including officer involved shootings and violence against the police. While at IACP, Gillian also managed projects focused specifically on community-based violence reduction strategies and approaches to providing services to victims who are typically under resourced. Previously, Gillian worked at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research through which she managed the Baltimore Violence Reduction Collaborative, an effort to effectively reduce violence in Baltimore, MD by bringing together the Baltimore Police Department, State’s Attorney’s Office, the Mayor’s Office, and Johns Hopkins University.

Gillian received her Masters Degree in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with a concentration in health policy, urban violence reduction, and youth violence prevention and intervention.