Hidden Crimes, Unexpected Victims (Luncheon Keynote)

09-04-2018 08:55

Technology is transforming all aspects of American life rapidly. Unfortunately, criminals are often first to market exploiting new technology, enabling most forms of crime and the criminal justice system to react and keep pace. While traditional crime rates are at historic lows, technology-enabled crimes appear to be on a steep rise. This trend is as fascinating as it is frightening. Digital evidence is complex and transnational. Add to that new privacy and civil liberty legislation and criminal justice stakeholders face a set of global challenges to understand and address. During this keynote learn about the speed and complexity of emerging technology, the diverse roles of the dark web, data science needed to support criminal justice administrators, crypto-currencies and contracts, impacts on individual and organizational identity, and what governments need to do to prepare and respond.

Presented by Jim Emerson, CEO, Public Safety Information Sharing and Analysis Organization.

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