Grants Management: VOCA Funds Administration and Managing the Transition from Legacy Funding to Competitive Processes

09-18-2018 09:57

In the last two years the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) has shifted its funding from a legacy based system to almost an entirely competitive system. The South Carolina Attorney General, Crime Services Division has recently passed legislation to facilitated and coordinated process to provide services and compensation for victims. ICJIA built the process while administering the increase in VOCA funds. Both states are on track to obligate all of the increased VAWA and VOCA funds. During this session, participants learned how these two states are allocating resources to meet victim needs and how they are managing this increased influx of funding. They received links to resources you can modify for use in your jurisdiction and ask your pressing questions to the presenters.

This slideshow was presented by Malgorzata Bereziewicz, Associate General Counsel & Policy Advisor, IL Criminal Justice Information Authority

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