Pretrial Reform: the SAA Experience

09-04-2018 08:59

(From the Transformative Change: Case Studies and Lessons Learned from Two National Criminal Justice Reform Project States workshop)

Through a Governor’s mandate, and leadership from the SAA’s and Criminal Justice Policy Advisors (CJPAs) five states have moved forward with data driven justice planning and reform through National Criminal Justice Reform Project. Hear what the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) is doing in partnership with Loyola University to safely reduce jail and prison populations through the creation and expansion of criminal justice coordinating councils. The leadership from Oregon will also provide an update regarding their goals, activities and legislation that is enabling them to ensure that the pretrial justice system increases public safety, addresses mental health issues, and protects the constitutional and statutory rights of both victims and defendants.

Presented by Michael Schmidt, Executive Director, OR Criminal Justice Commission.

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