Demystifying the Blockchain

09-18-2018 09:10

Although information sharing has matured and its deployment footprint expanded in the last 5 to 10 years commensurate with that maturity there remain challenges to transparency, trust, privacy and security among others and no successful technology or methodology has existed that wraps these requirements together into a deployable architecture until now. Blockchain if applied to the right problem domain provides more structure, rigor and systematic technology enabling better management of these complex systems. It can enable the level of transparency, accountability, security and trust that improves the odds for both short
and long-term success in the process of implementing mission critical information sharing systems.

While Blockchain has its roots in other more financial and monetary based systems, the parallels in effectively and securely managing large scale distributed transactional data systems is obvious. This session began with a conversation about how the technology can be applied to the justice and public safety missions. The presenters explored specific scenarios which can leverage blockchain and discuss the benefits and challenges of using this new technology. This conversation is key to gaining early adopters and proving technologies like blockchain.

Presented by: Kay Chopard Cohen, Chopard Consulting, Executive Director Distributed Ledger Foundation; and Iveta Topalova, Systems Architect, Microsoft.

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