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Walker Wounded 46 Times By Akron Police, Medical Examiner Says

Jayland Walker, the Black motorist killed by Akron, Oh., police last month, suffered 46 gunshot wounds in the hail of officer gunfire, the medical examiner’s office said Friday, NBC reports. The 46 shots were from entrance and graze wounds, Summit County Medical Examiner Lisa Kohler said, announcing a summary of the autopsy findings. Walker, 25, died of blood loss from his internal injuries. The case was ruled a homicide, Kohler said. She broke down the injuries he suffered: 15 gunshot wounds to his torso, 17 gunshots to his pelvis and upper legs, one bullet to his face, eight to his arms and right hand and five to his knees, lower right leg and right foot.

Fifteen of the 46 shots were exit wounds and five were graze wounds. Walker tested negative for drugs of abuse and alcohol, according to the toxicology screening. Walker was killed on June 27 after an attempted traffic stop by Akron police. Officers tried to pull Walker over on an unspecified traffic violation, and a car chase ensued. During that pursuit, they “reported a firearm being discharged from the suspect vehicle,” the Akron Police Department said.


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