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Uvalde School Year Starts on Frustrated Note

Citizens of Uvalde, TX., are frustrated by the absence of the promised evaluation of school district police, allowing the officers who responded to shooting at Robb Elementary School to continue working this fall. Residents have asked the school board to suspend the officers, saying that they "failed" the victims of the massacre as well as the district's families, reports ABC News. According to the board, the evaluation has not been initiated as they focused on assessing Chief Pete Arredondo and the audit of the department. The former police chief was fired last week after months of protests from the community.

The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District hosted three back-to-back meetings Monday evening in which they showcased investments they are committed to using for campus safety and security. Though the board members have promised emotional support for students across the district, the crowd of Uvaldeans reminded the board that many of the commitments have not been fulfilled. Each campus is now supposed to have a designated "port of entry" for parents and visitors. However, one board member revealed that due to a backorder issue, not all the doors and frames needed for security have arrived. The board also added that neither of the agreed counselors or police officers have been hired. When asked about procedures if a "bad guy" managed to enter the school, board members said the 33 deployed Texas Department of Public Safety officers will comprise the first responding team and initially set up an incident command structure. The officers plan to learn the layout of the school at an orientation taking place on Sept. 4-5. The general attitude of families during the meeting was one of disappointment. Some sought more information about the attack response in the form of hallway surveillance footage that is time-stamped with the identification and arrival time of each responding officer. They also asked for a private meeting between victims' families and the officers working in the district for the 2022-23 school year.


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