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Uvalde Police Had Shooter in Rifle Sight Prior to Slaughter, Report Finds

A police officer had the Uvalde school shooter in his rifle sight before the gunman entered Robb Elementary School but didn’t fire because he believed he needed permission to take the shot, a report found by the Texas State University’s Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center on Wednesday, found. The report highlighted new details about the troubled response to the May mass shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead, the Wall Street Journal reports. The ALERRT report used school video, third-party video, body cameras, radio logs, the testimony of officers who were on the scene and statements from investigators to create a timeline of events, assess the law-enforcement response and give recommendations.

After the gunman crashed a truck near the Uvalde elementary school, he climbed a fence and headed toward Robb Elementary, according to the report. Before his entry into the school, a Uvalde police patrol unit and school-district police officer arrived at the crash site, the report said. “The [Uvalde police] officer, armed with a rifle, asked his supervisor for permission to shoot the suspect. However, the supervisor either did not hear or responded too late,” the report said. The officer turned to get confirmation from his supervisor, according to the report, but by the time he turned back, the suspect had entered the building’s hallway. The report cites a Texas penal code that would have allowed an officer to use deadly force against an attacker when an officer “reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary to prevent the commission of murder.”


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