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Two Triple Shootings of Police Since Friday

One police officer was killed and two others critically wounded in Fargo, N.D., on Friday afternoon in what a witness described as an apparent ambush for unknown reasons, the Associated Press reports. That incident was one of two in which three cops were shot in recent days. In Georgia, a shootout with a man wanted in four weekend killings near Atlanta left three officers wounded, the Associated Press reports. In both incidents, police killed the gunmen.

In the North Dakota shootings, questions remain about what led a gunman to shoot at police and firefighters as they responded to a traffic crash on a busy street. Fargo's police chief said a 37-year-old man opened fire for “no known reason at all.” Officer Jake Wallin, 23, was killed and two young recruits suffered serious injuries. A fourth officer killed the gunman. In Georgia, the shootout came after an intense search for a 40-year-old suspect in a quadruple killing. Clayton County police said a Henry County sheriff’s deputy saw the SUV that suspect Andre Longmore stole from one of the victims and began chasing him, calling for help. After exchanging gunfire with Longmore, Clayton police said he ran away. A homeowner alerted police to the townhouse where the bleeding, naked Longmore was hiding. Police entered the townhouse and immediately were fired upon. A Henry County sheriff’s deputy and two Clayton County police officers were injured in the attempt to arrest Longmore, officials said. One officer was shot in the back and was taken by helicopter to an Atlanta trauma center, Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett said. “He is conscious, breathing and talking at this time,” Scandrett said of that officer. Clayton County Police Chief Kevin Roberts said all three officers are expected to recover. Hampton Police Chief James Turner said the four killed Saturday were all residents of the same Dogwood Lakes neighborhood where Longmore lived, and were all were shot within a 10-minute span.


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