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Texas Man Charged With Trying to Scam George Santos, Masterson

A Texas man surrendered Wednesday over accusations he committed wire fraud by attempting to scam then-Rep. George Santos (R-NY), actor Danny Masterson and others facing criminal liability. Hector Medina Jr. allegedly sent texts and videos to Santos’s phone falsely suggesting he could get the congressman’s criminal charges tossed in exchange for large sums of money, The Hill reports. “You don’t know me but, I wanted you to see a face and trust me on what I’m about to tell you. I work with prosecutors and, uh, judges throughout the United States, and I want to give you the opportunity to offer my services,” Medina allegedly said in a July video sent to Santos. “I was contacted by some people to reach out to you and see if you wanted to cut a deal,” Medina purportedly continued. “Uh, this only stands for today. If you’re interested, I can get everything dropped, evidence that is on you removed, disappeared. Reach out to me if you’re interested." 

Medina allegedly wrote, “All I need is for you or someone to wire 900k.” Investigators said Medina, who identified himself to Santos and others as “Mike Soto,” voluntarily admitted to sending the video and other messages when questioned by the FBI. Medina said he devised the scheme because he owed more than $100,000 in gambling debts. Santos, who himself faces wire fraud and other charges, is not accused of wrongdoing in the new case. Santos reported Medina’s efforts to the Justice Department. Medina reportedly attempted to scam three other prominent figures, who either faced criminal charges themselves or were related to someone who did. One of them is “That ’70s Show” star Masterson, who was convicted of rape in Los Angeles last year. Santos, who was expelled by the House, is scheduled to be tried in September. 


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