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Suspect in NYC Subway Killing in Police Custody

A 25-year-old man sought by New York City police in the shooting death of a subway rider over the weekend was taken into custody at a precinct in Chinatown on Tuesday afternoon, the New York Times reports. Andrew Abdullah had been wanted in connection with the killing of Daniel Enriquez, a passenger who was fatally shot Sunday while riding a Q train. Abdullah turned himself in more than 48 hours after the unprovoked attack. It remained unclear what motive Abdullah had for the killing, if any. Police officials said he was heard muttering "no phones" before he fired a single shot at Enriquez, but there was no indication that comment was directed at the victim.

The killing rattled a city already wary of the subway system, which has been the grim scene of a string of attacks in recent months. Abdullah terrified passengers when he pulled out a 9-milimeter handgun and fired a single shot into Enriquez's chest. There had been no interaction between the two before the gunshot. Shortly after, Abdullah slipped out of the car and disappeared, handing the gun off to a homeless man. Enriquez was rushed to the hospital, where he died. Minutes after the shooting, Abdullah was stopped by transit officers who were searching for a gunman described as wearing gray sweatpants and a black hoodie. Abdullah had removed his hoodie and no longer matched the description, so he was released. Officers realized only later that their suspect had slipped their fingers when they saw the orange-red-T-shirt he had worn peeking out from his hoodie in security camera images.

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