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San Francisco Mayor Appoints Brooke Jenkins As DA

London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco, appointed Brooke Jenkins, a former prosecutor, to replace recalled District Attorney Chesa Boudin, Politico reports. This is the latest of Breed’s many appointments as she works to reform San Francisco’s government. The choice of Jenkins elevates one of the public faces of Boudin’s removal from office in June. Jenkins was among a wave of prosecutors who departed the DA’s office and then embraced the recall, giving it additional credibility to some voters. In elevating Jenkins, Breed has continued to leave her mark profoundly on city government. She has already selected a city attorney, a supervisor and three school board members ousted in an earlier recall.

Jenkins said that Boudin created a “dysfunctional” environment that focused more on defendants than victims. This led to lighter sentences for serious crimes and pressure to offer plea deals. Jenkins said that while she does support the prison reform movement, Boudin’s practices jeopardized the movement. Jenkins said that being too lenient on crime would lead to pushback from conservatives. While Breed did not comment on Boudin’s recall, she did advocate for a tougher approach to public safety. However, many saw her lack of opposition to Boudin’s recall as approval of the decision.