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Republican States Sue Over Rule To Close 'Gun Show Loophole" For Firearm Purchases

More than two dozen Republican state attorneys general sued the Biden administration on Wednesday to block a federal rule that  U.S. Justice Department officials say is aimed at closing the "gun show loophole" for firearm purchases, Reuters reports. The rule, which was finalized last month but hasn’t yet gone into effect, would require gun dealers to obtain licenses and conduct background checks when selling firearms at gun shows and online — the same requirements as gun stores have to check the backgrounds of potential buyers.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had exceeded its authority in promulgating the new rule. "With today's lawsuit, it is my great honor to defend our Constitutionally protected freedoms from the out-of-control federal government," he said. Louisiana, Missouri and Utah, along with Gun Owners of America and other gun rights advocacy groups, joined the Texas lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in Amarillo, Texas, whose only active judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk, was appointed by Republican former President Donald Trump. It has become a preferred venue for conservatives challenging Biden administration policies.


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