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Prosecutor to Drop Abortion Charges Against Texas Woman

A prosecutor in Texas announced plans to drop the charges against a 26-year-old woman arrested on self-induced abortion charges, reports Reuters. The case drew national attention in light of the Texas law that banned abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. "The issues surrounding this matter are clearly contentious, however based on Texas law and the facts presented, it is not a criminal matter," said Starr County Attorney Gocha Allen Ramirez.

Lizelle Herrera was arrested Thursday by the county sheriff's office. She was charged with intentionally and knowingly causing the death of an individual by self-induced abortion," according to a grand jury indictment. Protesters gathered outside the sheriffs office, backed by abortion assistance group La Frontera Fund. "She miscarried at a hospital and allegedly confided to hospital staff that she had attempted to induce her own abortion and she was reported to the authorities by hospital administration or staff," said the group's founder, Rickie Gonzales.


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