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Pregnant Mom Files Complaint in Sacramento, After Traffic Stop With Young Son at Gunpoint

A pregnant mom has filed a complaint after a case of mistaken identity that prompted officers from the Sacramento Police Department to wield guns at a traffic stop, while she was driving her 8-year-old son, Brandon, to football practice, the Washington Post reports. Shanice Stewart, 32, who is nine months pregnant, said about five police officers drew their guns as they approached her Audi. As she followed officers' directions, Brandon jumped out of the car, tearfully asking officers to leave his mother alone.

Seeing Brandon, who stands 3-foot 10-inches and weighs 56 pounds, officers realized that he was not the juvenile suspect wanted on two felony warrants, including one for gun possession, they said. While the officers released the pair, allowing Brandon to make it to practice that day, Stewart told The Washington Post she and her son are still experiencing trauma. “I was just really scared that our lives could have ended that day or someone could have been hurt,” said Stewart, who has also watched Brandon become quiet and lose interest in everyday activities.


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