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Police Say Cyberattacks Will Increase in 2022

Police representatives say their agencies may not be ready to face increased cybersecurity threats in 2022, reports Laura Cooper of the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA), which represents police executives, said that many agencies have let cybersecurity slide. Cooper says it is challenging to convince departments to invest more in their IT when other equipment is needed. Cooper says that departments also need to start investing in their aging 911 systems.

Organizations like MCCA say improving cyber security is a must because of the sensitivity of the information police departments handle. Leaks can result in revealing personal information of victims, loss of use-of-force records and publication of crucial court evidence. Maine and Washington, D.C., police departments faced similar attacks last year. With more officers than ever using devices like body-cams and smartphones, police say there are more entry points for hackers than in prior years.


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