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Police Officer Identified in Michigan's Lyoya Death

A Michigan police chief reversed course on Monday and publicly identified the officer who fatally shot Patrick Lyoya in the back of the head during an April 4 traffic stop, Detroit Free Press reports. Christopher Schurr is the Grand Rapids police officer seen in video shooting Lyoya. Police Chief Eric Winstrom confirmed Monday. "In the interest of transparency, to reduce on-going speculation, and to avoid any further confusion, I am confirming the name already publicly circulating — Christopher Schurr — as the officer involved in the April 4 Officer Involved Shooting," Winstrom said. Schurr remains on administrative leave without police powers while an investigation continues. Lyoya's family, lawyers and others in the community have been demanding the release of the officer's name.

“An intentional three-week delay in releasing the name of the involved officer, which they clearly knew at the moment of the shooting, is offensive and the exact opposite of being ‘transparent,' " said Ven Johnson, one of the family's attorneys. "Once again, we see the Grand Rapids Police Department taking care of its own at the expense of the family’s mental health and well-being.” The New Black Panther Party, which had organized protests after the shooting, said many community members already had heard the name through unofficial sources. The party credited activists and their pressure for the official release. "If it wasn’t for the constant pressure and Christopher Schurr’s name being constantly posted we probably would still not know for sure," the party said on Instagram.


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