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Police Find 100 Bags of Fentanyl in Connecticut Teen Overdose

After a 13-year-old boy died from a fentanyl overdose at a Connecticut middle school, Hartford police found an extra 100 bags of fentanyl in the teenager's room, USA Today reports. Police found 40 bags of fentanyl at the Sports and Medical Science Academy on Jan. 13 after the teenage student collapsed in the school gymnasium. Two other students were taken to a local hospital while the school was placed on a "soft lockdown." The 13-year-old, whose name has not been released because of his age, died on Jan. 16 after being revived by emergency responders after overdosing. .

Hartford police said they found an extra 100 bags of fentanyl in the teen’s bedroom, and "can confidently say that the fentanyl that caused the overdose was the same fentanyl that was located in the juvenile’s bedroom." The drugs from the school and home were packaged in the same manner, had the same stamp, and tested at similar "extremely high" purity levels. Tthe fentanyl from the school tested at fifty eight percent purity, and the fentanyl found in the boy’s room tested at sixty percent. Police say they believe the teen was the only one to bring the drugs to school and are still investigating how he obtained them. Policethat the teen’s mother has been cooperative and do not believe she had prior knowledge of her son’s possession of fentanyl.


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