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Philadelphia Reports 24 People Shot in 24 Hours, Little Media Coverage

A surge in gun violence late last week in Philadelphia saw 24 people shot within 24 hours. From Thursday to early Friday, five people were killed in shootings across the city; a one-hour stretch on Thursday afternoon saw at least nine people shot in five incidents. Violence continued through the weekend, with another at least 11 incidents on Saturday and Sunday leaving 14 injured and three dead. “Violence and trauma of these incidents extend beyond those directly affected and permeate into the very fabric of our communities,” said Police Chief Danielle Outlaw, The Trace reports.

Jim MacMillan of the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting noted the lack of coverage about Philadelphia’s violence compared with national reporting of the Brooklyn subway mass shooting. “Worse than NYC subway shooting. Same suffering. Same burden on systems. Same costs. Greater harm and continuing risk in neighborhoods. No breathless cable news coverage for some reason,” he tweeted.


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