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Oregon Man Charged With Impersonating Federal Drug Agent

Last week, suspicions arose last week when a Portland, Or., police officer saw a man and woman standing near a Dodge Charger with red and blue emergency lights and a tactical vest in its trunk with a “D.E.A. POLICE” patch. Sgt. Matthew Jacobsen asked them if they were federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents. Robert Golden replied that they were indeed “feds.” It turned out that Golden, 41, was an impostor who had tricked the woman into believing that she was training to be a DEA agent. Golden had duped the woman for about a year. He gave her a DEA badge to use on ride-alongs at night, when he would take her to speak with homeless people to turn them into “confidential informants.”

Golden was charged with impersonating a federal agent. The woman was not charged. Jacobsen found items in Golden’s possession that included handcuffs, badges, holsters and an AR-15-style rifle that was later determined to be a BB gun. Golden said he had fake DEA patches that he purchased on websites like eBay and Amazon. As for the vehicle with red and blue emergency lights, Golden told the authorities that he wanted to make others believe that he and the woman were federal agents so no one would bother them near their apartment complex. He said he used the red and blue lights, which were inside the car, “to get through traffic faster,. according to the complaint, and he said that he once acted like an officer to break up a fight by shouting “police!”


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