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Murder Charge After Woman Gives Inmate Meth With A Kiss

A woman was charged with murder after she sneaked a small balloon filled with methamphetamine into a Tennessee prison and, via a kiss, gave it to her incarcerated boyfriend, who died of an overdose. Rachal Dollard, 33, of Dickson, Tn, was charged with second-degree murder and introduction of contraband into a prison, according to the Tennessee Department of Correction. Dollard traveled to the Turney Center Industrial Complex in Only, Tn., to visit her boyfriend, Joshua Brown, 30, who was serving an 11-year sentence on a drug-related conviction. She placed a balloon containing half an ounce of methamphetamine in her mouth and kissed Brown, who retrieved it, the New York Times reports. Brown swallowed the balloon, apparently planning to retrieve it from the toilet after using the bathroom.

The balloon ruptured in his body, and Brown died of an overdose,. The case was filed as prosecutors increasingly treat overdose deaths as homicides, using laws devised to go after drug dealers to charge friends and partners, and hold someone criminally accountable. Officials did not say how or when they believe Dollard was able to sneak in methamphetamine. The department noted in its statement that it pat-searches visitors and has drug-detection dogs in prisons. Sonia Dollard, Ms. Dollard’s mother, told NBC News that her daughter was adamant that “she didn’t do it.”


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