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More Police Officer Shootings In Permitless Gun Carry States

Police officer shootings rose 12.9 percent in 10 states that loosened restrictions on carrying firearms in public, says a study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The research looked at states that made it easier for people to carry guns without a permit between 2014 and 2020, The

Trace reports. Using data from the Gun Violence Archive, the authors compared the states to a pool of 26 others that retained permitting requirements.

“The trend of more states allowing civilians to carry concealed guns without a permit may be influencing the perceived threat of danger faced by law enforcement,” said lead author Mitchell Doucette. “This could contribute to higher rates of fatal and nonfatal officer-involved shootings.” Since the study period ended, other states have passed permitless carry laws, bringing the total number to 25.


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