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L.A. Wins $5M In Suit Against Ghost Gun Assembly Kit Maker

Polymer80, the nation's largest producer of at-home gun assembly kits — sometimes called "ghost guns" because they typically come without serial numbers and are impossible to trace — agreed to pay $5 million to settle a civil suit, according to the Los Angeles City Attorney's office, Courthouse News Service reports. Nevada-based Polymer80 will be permanently enjoined from selling its "buy, build, shoot" kits to customers in California "without first conducting background checks of buyers and without utilizing serial numbers on its products." It will also "no longer be able to provide customer support to assist individuals attempting to construct its ghost guns in California." The company also agreed to pay $4 million in civil penalties, while its two founders will pay an additional $1 million.

“This settlement holds Polymer80 and its founders accountable, keeps guns out of the hands of prohibited people, makes L.A.neighborhoods safer and will help law enforcement do their jobs,” said City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto. Soto said police have has recovered more than 4,200 Polymer80 ghost guns since January 2020. "Online, no-questions-asked sales of ghost gun-building kits have funneled too many firearms into the hands of felons, minors, and other prohibited people," said Eric Tirschwell of Everytown Law, the public interest law wing of the gun control group. "This settlement sends a loud and clear message that gun sellers that put profit over public safety will be held accountable." The public nuisance lawsuit against Polymer80 was filed in February 2021 on behalf of the state of California. The complaint linked a number of shootings to Polymer80 firearms, including a 2019 school shooting in Santa Clarita that left three high school students dead, including the shooter, and two others injured.


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