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Kaitlin Armstrong Found in Costa Rica, Arrested For Cyclist's Murder

Yoga instructor Kaitlin Armstrong was found in Costa Rica after being accused of killing cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson, reports the Austin American Statesman. Wilson was a rising star cyclist who had won 10 races this year. Armstrong is accused of entering a home in Austin, Texas on May 11 and shooting Wilson after the two women had a romantic rivalry over another well-known cyclist, Colin Strickland. Strickland dated and lived with Armstrong. However, he went swimming with Wilson before the shooting. Strickland is not charged with a crime, but some companies have ended sponsorships with him over the incident.

A day after the shooting, investigators interviewed Armstrong because they had obtained footage of a car resembling hers pulling up to the home where Wilson was staying. Wilson was from San Francisco but was staying with a friend preparing for an upcoming race. A day after her interview, Armstrong sold her car and used the money to flee the country. Authorities found and arrested Armstrong, 34, in a Costa Rica hostel and plan to charge her with murder and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.


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