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Judge Frees Ex-KS Cop Pending Trial on Charges of Abusing Women

An ex-police detective from Kansas accused of preying on Black women and girls for decades will be released from jail, reports the Associated Press. U.S. Magistrate Rachel Schwartz acknowledged the allegations against the former officer, Roger Golubski. She said he represented "reprehensible conduct," but is not so much of a risk as when the alleged crimes occurred. Golubski was arrested Thursday on six counts of civil rights violations for sexually abusing a Black woman and teenager more than two decades ago, during his time as an officer. He also was accused of five counts of kidnapping. Prosecutors gave graphic details of encounters with the two accusers and additional complaints from seven other women who say Golubski harassed and abused them. He has not been charged in those seven cases, but prosecutors argued that he is dangerous and has shown "nothing but utter contempt for the law."

Golubski has pleaded not guilty. The case is being tried in federal court because federal law does not have a statute of limitations for civil rights violations, said former U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister. Golubski's attorney, Tom Lemon, said the case requires intensive work because prosecutors are missing physical evidence and are relying on statements taken from victims. One victims said when she tried to report her encounter with Golubski after calling the Kansas City police internal affairs department, she was told “there was nothing they could do because it was (her) word against the defendant’s,” prosecutors wrote.


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