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Jan. 6 Rioters Charged With Seditious Conspiracy

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

The Justice Department charged 11 Oath Keepers militia members with seditious conspiracy, including former attorney Stewart Rhodes, according to Politico. The indictment says the conspiracy was aimed at preventing the peaceful transfer of presidential power by force and taking control of the Capitol. Although there is no apparent evidence that Rhodes entered the building, he was spotted outside the Capitol Jan. 6 assembling and directing movement of allies. Seditious conspiracy is the most severe charge facing the Capitol rioters so far.

Rhodes was taken into custody in Texas on Thursday. The prosecution detailed his extensive communication with the other Jan. "sixers" during related trials, and he is often referred to as "person one" in charging documents. He joins 19 other Oath Keepers being charged for the Capitol raid. Previously the most severe charges were obstruction and police assault. The Oath Keepers, according to prosecutors, stockpiled firearms outside of D.C. ready to be called in. Rhode was a vocal agitator backing Trump' s effort to overturn the election results. He repeatedly warned of violence if Biden's election were affirmed.


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