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Jailed Trump Adviser Forecasts Mass Deportations in Second Term

According to Peter Navarro, former trade adviser to the ex-president, the initial 100 days of a potential second Donald Trump presidency would include widespread deportations of undocumented immigrants, reports The Guardian. Navarro, the maverick former head of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy in Trump’s first administration and a key loyalist, made the forecasts in an interview from prison, where he is serving a four-month sentence for contempt of Congress.

While the first order of business in a second Trump presidency would be intensifying a rumbling trade war with China, Navarro said, next came mass deportations and reinforcing a “buy American” policy. “Trump will quickly close down the border and begin mass deportations,” he said, accusing Biden of “importing a wave of crime and terrorism along with an uneducated mass that drives down the wages of Black, brown and blue-collar Americans”.


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