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Group Charges Private Prison Firm With Defrauding TX In Pandemic

Management & Training Corp., one of the largest private prison companies, has defrauded Texas by collecting millions of dollars for in-prison therapeutic programming it hasn’t provided during the pandemic, alleges a complaint filed with the state auditor, the Texas Tribune reports. In 2020, as the coronavirus killed thousands of prisoners across the U.S., a push to release more people eligible for parole was met with resistance by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. It continued requiring most prisoners approved for parole to complete treatment programming, which generally takes three to nine months and focuses on life skills, substance abuse rehabilitation or treatment for those convicted of sex offenses.

Wth sick staff and prisoners, Texas prisons largely kept men and women confined to their cells or dorms, and people inside said much of the required programming wasn’t occurring. On Monday, prison rights advocacy group LatinoJustice alleged that despite the lack of services, Management & Training continued charging the state for the programs and forced prisoners to falsify documents stating they had received treatment. “Instead of providing group therapy sessions and one-on-one counseling with people enrolled in the rehabilitation programs, MTC employees simply gave people paperwork to do on their own time,” LatinoJustice's Andrew Case told the auditor. “MTC then forced people to fill out timesheets stating that they had received treatment from MTC counselors that MTC had not provided.,” Case continued. Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesperson Robert Hurst said the prison system would cooperate with the state auditor’s investigation into the complaint, as well as launch its own internal investigation.


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