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GOP Details Foreign Payments To Bidens, Allege No Illegalities

House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) laid out new details to support allegations that members of President Biden’s family including his son Hunter received millions of dollars in payments from foreign entities in China and Romania, including when Biden was vice president, CNN reports. Bank records were obtained by the committee through a subpoena and include payments made to firms tied to Hunter Biden. Republicans also alleged that Hunter Biden used his familial connections to help facilitate a meeting in 2016 between a Serbian running for United Nations Secretary-General and then-national security adviser to the vice president Colin Kahl. The foreign payments raise questions about Hunter Biden’s business activities while his father was vice president, but the committee did not suggest any illegality about the payments from foreign sources. The bank records by themselves also do not indicate the purpose of the payments. The committee memo marks Comer’s most direct attempt to substantiate his allegations that Biden family members have enriched themselves off the family name. Comer has suggested that Biden may have been improperly influenced by the financial dealings, particularly by his family’s foreign business partners. The mew report does not show any payments made directly to Joe Biden, either as vice president or after leaving office.

Comer has been teasing information for months about the paper trail committee Republicans have uncovered through subpoenas sent to banks and trips to the Treasury Department to review records. Comer and other Republicans held a press conference Wednesday to tout their findings. “These people didn’t come to Hunter Biden because he understood world politics or that he was experienced in it, or that he understood Chinese businesses. They wanted him for the access his last name gave him,” said Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC). On Wednesday, Comer was asked about specific policy decisions Biden made while president or vice president that may have been directly influenced by these foreign payments. Comer failed to name any and instead pointed to then-vice president Biden's traveling around the world and discussing foreign aid in the last year of the Obama administration. Comer believes some decisions Biden made as president “put China first and America last.”


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