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Giuliani Unlikely To Afford $148M Election Worker Defamation Award


A Washington, D.C., jury ordered Rudy Giuliani $148 million to former Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss for defaming them after the 2020 presidential election. Will Freeman and Moss will see any of that money? Giuliani, the former New York mayor and onetime attorney to former President Trump, will appeal the verdict. During the trial, he and his attorneys repeatedly said that he doesn’t have funds to cover his various debts, CNN reports. Attorneys for Freeman and Moss have been unable to determine Giuliani’s net worth. , but because he hadn’t responded to many of their subpoenas in the lawsuit, they couldn’t determine a figure. Attorney John Langford said Moss and Freeman are “looking at every option (they) have to obtain the money.

Ryan Goodman, a former Defense Department special counsel, said, they will not "collect half the amount or a quarter of the amount, just a fraction. But I do think maybe they will collect millions. It depends on what his assets are." Giuliani had already been fined more than $200,000 for some of Freeman and Moss’ attorneys’ fees, which he hasn’t paid. He also owed more than $1 million to defense attorneys who’ve helped him on other matters, prompting them to sue him this year, and hadn’t paid nearly $60,000 for years-old phone bills. Giuliani has listed his Manhattan apartment for sale at $6.1 million. Freeman said her life is forever changed. “I want people to understand this: Money will never solve all of my problems,” she said. “I can never move back into the house that I called home. I will always have to be careful about where I go and who I choose to share my name with. I miss my home. I miss my neighbors and I miss my name." Ken Frydman, a former Giuliani spokesman, said that while it’s not likely Giuliani will be able to pay the entire judgment, “it sends a message and sets a precedent for the other defamation cases.” Speaking for himself, Giuliani said, "The absurdity of the [verdict] underscores the absurdity of the entire proceedings,."


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