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Georgia DA Cites 'Ethical Mess' In 2020 Elector Investigation

Some Republican electors who cast phony ballots to elect Donald Trump in 2020 have provided Atlanta prosecutors with potentially incriminating information involving another part of the long-running election interference inquiry in Georgia. The disclosure was contained in court papers calling for the disqualification of defense attorney Kimberly Bourroughs Debrow who represents 10 of the electors, reports USA Today. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis says Debrow's representation of the group raises serious conflict of interest questions that have reached an "impracticable and ethical mess." In a court filing, Willis says, "Some of the electors stated another elector represented by Ms. Debrow committed acts that are in violation of Georgia law and they were not party to these additional acts."

Prosecutors have been pursuing a wide-ranging inquiry involving election fraud and the electors' roles in casting the fake Trump ballots. Another attorney, Holly Pierson, said the prosecutors' claims about possible immunity agreements involving electors, were "entirely false." She said, "Sadly, the DA's office continues to seem more interested in media attention, trampling on the constitutional rights of innocent citizens, and recklessly defaming its perceived opponents than in the facts, the law, or the truth" The development comes as the district attorney weighs whether to pursue charges in an investigation prompted by a Jan. 2, 2021 telephone call in which Trump pressed Georgia's top election official to find enough votes to overturn the election results in the key battleground state.


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