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$11M Settlement Filed for Alameda Man Asphyxiated by Police

The city of Alameda, in California, agreed to pay $11 million to settle claims that three police officers killed a man by sitting on him and asphyxiating him in 2021. The settlement, which outlines all payments that the city must make, was filed yesterday and allows Alameda to avoid going to trial over the civil-rights lawsuit, according to Courthouse News. More than $2 million will be paid to Gonzalez's son (M.G.C.) in cash to be managed by a Trustee to purchase, furnish, and maintain a home. In addition to other funds, the city will pay M.G.C. more than $10,000 monthly for life beginning on his 18th birthday and will be guaranteed for 40 years.

Mario Gonzalez died after three Alameda police officers detained him at Scout Park because they claimed he was drunk and was a danger to himself. Though he did not attack, threaten or resist officers, body-camera footage shows two Alameda police officers, Eric McKinley, and James Fisher, placing their full weight on Gonzalez for more than five minutes while he was handcuffed in a prone position, asphyxiating him. Alameda police officers McKinley, Fisher, and Cameron Leahy were named defendants in the suit, as well as then-interim Police Chief Randy Fenn.


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