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Ex-Cleveland Officer Who Killed Tamir Rice Steps Down

Timothy Loehmann, a former Cleveland police officer who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice in 2014, resigned from his position at a Pennsylvania police department, NBC News Reports. This resignation comes shortly after his hiring, which ignited public outrage. Steve Hazlett, the president of the Tioga Borough Council, announced Loehmann’s hiring on Tuesday. Opponents argued that a police officer who was banned from working in one state should not be able to work in another. They also said the decision painted Tioga Borough Mayor David Wilcox in a negative light.

Wilcox, however, said the decision to hire Loehmann was not his, but the council. Wilcox claimed to not have had Loehmann's resume when he sat in on the interview. The police committee told Wilcox that Loehmann underwent a background check. Loehmann’s attorney, however, said that Wilcox was fully aware of Loehmann’s history in Cleveland. In 2017, the Cleveland Police Department fired Loehmann after he fatally shot Tamir Rice. Police were responding to a call that a Black child was pointing a gun at people, but, the caller said that the gun looked fake. This information was not relayed to Loehmann. Video shows Loehmann fatally shooting Rice seconds after getting out of his car. However, Loehmann was never charged. Tamir Rice’s mother, Samaria Rice, questioned why Tioga Borough would hire Loehmann and called the system “continually broken.”


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