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Court Says NJ Can Ban Guns In 'Sensitive Places,' At Least For Now

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit reinstated key parts of New Jersey’s law that prohibits carrying guns in certain parts of the state. The 2-1 decision allows so-called gun-carrying bans in "sensitive places" — where New Jersey law bans guns — to take effect as litigation plays out. U.S. District Judge Renée Marie Bumb had blocked much of the state’s sensitive places from taking effect, meaning that guns could be carried in areas where New Jersey law sought to prohibit them, reports Politico. Tuesday’s court order means that carrying guns within 100 feet of public gatherings; nursery schools; pre-schools; zoos; summer camps; public parks; libraries; museums; places where alcohol is served; entertainment facilities; casinos; and health care facilities are prohibited.

Some key parts of the law are still blocked. Restrictions around carrying guns in vehicles or movie sets, for instance, are still blocked. On private property that is open to the public — like retail stores — if a property owner does not give express permission that guns are allowed on their premises, people can still carry guns there. A property owner still has the right to not allow guns. The liability insurance mandate for concealed carry holders is also still blocked. “We are extremely gratified that the Third Circuit recognized what we have always said: New Jersey is likely to win this case because our sensitive-places law complies with the Second Amendment,” said Attorney General Matt Platkin. “The Third Circuit correctly stayed the district court’s dangerous injunction that allowed individuals to carry weapons into places like parks and zoos, libraries and museums, bars and casinos, and permitted demonstrations. This is a tremendous win for public safety, and we will continue fighting for our law.” The U.S. Supreme Court last year effectively expanded gun carry laws in states like New Jersey, which had severely restricted the right to carry guns outside the home for decades.


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