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Conspiring to Seize Voting Machines Could Be Criminal, Jeh Johnson Says

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson believes that any conspiracy to seize voting machines would potentially be criminal, The Hill reports. Johnson spoke after it was reported that Trump administration advisers had drafted an executive order that would have directed Johnson's former department to seize voting machines in an attempt to keep former President Trump in office. "This is a very troubling scenario that we've apparently uncovered. It wasn't just some crazy idea floated by lawyers. It was an idea reduced to draft executive orders, which is very dangerous, very troubling and yet more evidence of how a year ago, in January 2021, our democracy really teetered on the brink," said Johnson, who served in the Obama administration.

"It could potentially constitute a crime in my view," said Johnson. "Certainly conspiring to seize voting machines, conspiring to hijack our election that way, to hijack our democracy, and I hope the Jan. 6 committee and even the Department of Justice are looking at this apparent evidence." There were two draft executive orders, one intended to have the Department of Homeland Security seize voting machines, and other to give the directive to the Department of Defense. The idea was advanced by retired Col. Phil Waldron and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.


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