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California Officers Kill Black Man Running Away From Them

Police in San Bernardino, Ca., are investigating after an officer fatally shot a 23-year-old Black man over the weekend as he ran away from them. Rob Marquise Adams, who was armed when authorities arrived at the scene, died after he was shot about 8 p.m. Saturday. Security camera footage from a parking lot shows two officers pull into the lot in an unmarked car while Adams stood in the lot near another unidentified man. As soon as both officers exit the car, the video shows Adams turn away from them and run. In the video, about five seconds after the officers get out of the car, one of them fires at Adams from a distance, apparently hitting him with gunfire, USA Today reports. He then collapses to the ground.

Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump called the shooting a “horrific execution." Police bodycam video shows the officers approach Adams to render medical aid. One officer says to Adams, "Hey bro, you're gonna be OK, man. Hey, hey, you're gonna be OK. Stay with me, OK?" The officers eventually carry him to an ambulance. According to a narrated video released by Police Chief Darren Goodman, the officers shot Adams because he failed to comply with their commands and continued to hold the gun as he tried to duck down between two parked cars. Goodman said both officers feared Adams was going to take cover and shoot at them. Crump and Attorney Bradley Gage, who represent Adams' family, called on police to release "all available information and body camera footage." "It is unbelievable that another Black family has to bury their child due to police shooting first and asking questions later," they said. "Robert appeared to be simply walking around the parking lot when officers exited their unmarked vehicle firing their weapons at him immediately. Robert never even had a chance to explain himself."