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CA Man Arrested With Guns In Apartment, Averting Mass Shooting

Los Angeles police officers seized several high-powered weapons from a man accused of making criminal threats Tuesday, averting what authorities believe could have been a mass shooting in the planning stages, reports KTLA. Braxton Johnson, 25, was arrested in Hollywood after officers responded to a report of a possibly mentally il man acting erratically. He was arrested for making criminal threats. A search warrant was then served at an apartment building, where officers recovered several high-powered rifles, shotguns, handguns and a “large cache of various munitions.” “The suspect was located on the 18th floor ... with large windows with a view, with a non-obstructed view of a public park, downstairs, and some of the rifles were pointed outside of the windows,” said Police Lt. Leon Tsap. Photos of the apartment showed several weapons, including a rifle with a scope and a set of camouflage body armor. Authorities said that Johnson had been threatening people outside the location and credited vigilant neighbors for speaking up about the 25-year-old, preventing what they believe could have been a mass attack.

Johnson was charged Thursday with two counts of possession of an assault weapon, one count of criminal threats and one count of solicitation of murder. “Los Angeles County is still reeling over the tragic mass shooting in Monterey Park,” said District Attorney George Gascón. “Were it not for the brave actions of the witnesses in this case, this could have also been an incredible tragedy. I want to also thank the LAPD for quickly apprehending this person and potentially saving countless lives.” On Thursday, the police department said "there are no indications that any persons were threatened with a firearm nor have we identified any intent by Johnson to plan a mass shooting incident. We are working with our Federal partners to exhaust all investigative leads and believe there is no threat to the public."


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