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Body Cam Footage Released of MN Man's Killing by SWAT Team

Minneapolis police released body-camera footage showing a SWAT team officer shooting and killing a Black man, Amir Locke, reports the Washington Post. Police say the shooting happened as police pursued a warrant related to a homicide investigation nearby, and Locke, 22, pointed a loaded gun at the officers. While the department said that police announced their presence before entering the apartment Wednesday, a reporter pointed out that the video did not reflect that, and that officers yelled "police search warrant" as they breached the door. Locke's gun appears to be pointed at the ground at the time of the shooting.

The officer who shot and killed Locke had received three complaints since his hiring, and is now on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. Locke was not a subject of the warrant. Officials say police administered first aid immediately after he was shot, but Locke died in a hospital later. Civil rights attorneys said Locke was licensed to carry the firearm and had family members working in law enforcement. Locke's family has retained the attorneys who won major settlements for George Floyd's family.


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